1958 Fiat Multipla with Abarth Engine Parts and “Double the Power” on eBay…for $67,500

The price of certain old cars naturally goes up over the years, and if you are any good at speculating, you could probably make a few honest bucks doing this for a living. For instance, you can take a 1958 Fiat 600 Multipla, restore it to its original condition, then garner it with some nice original Abarth engine components, which make it produce a lot more power from its basic standard engine, then charge $67,500 for it and try shifting it on eBay. For that kind of money, the average American buyer could go on to purchase no fewer than three 2014 500L modern people carriers, and throw in many extras. Still, that’s what the owner of this mint blue Multipla wants for it, and explains in great detail why he things it’s worth this much. For us, the car, with its modified engine and pristine condition is surely nice, but you’d have to not to care about your bank balance at all if you would genuinely end up thinking about purchasing it. Furthermore, unlike other classics whose value appreciates in time, I don’t think you’d be able to realistically sell this for any more than this once you withdraw a total of 67,500 $1 bills, put all of it in a briefcase and head over to Altadena, California, where the vehicle is currently located in order to make the deal. By Andrei Nedelea