Bummer…Biker Crashes During Wheelie, Futilely Tries to Run Away from Cops

What is it with motorcyclists attempting wheelies in front or behind cops lately? You may remember this incident from less than two weeks ago when a biker wheelie-d himself into the rear end (insert face-palm here) of a Chevy Caprice patrol car. In this latest and somewhat related accident in the sense that the biker performed a wheelie around cops and was eventually apprehended, a motorcyclist lifted the front wheel of his machine but lost balance and wiggled straight into a curb that knocked him down on his behinds – the two-hand rubbing gesture suggests it was a painful experience. Even though a patrol car and motorcycle were coming closely from behind, the man believed he had enough time to run away (one explanation is that he could have bumped his head during the fall). NSFW language from the cops ensured…See the incident in the video below the break. Bike tip to Marcello!