Check Out These New Rides from Next Year's Transformers 4 Film

Director Michael Bay is keeping the buzz going around the fourth installment of the Transformers franchise with the release of four fresh pictures, including a group shot of the Autobot team and three individual images of cars that will take part in the forthcoming film. These include an Oshkosh Defense military truck, a Lamborghini Aventador and a Chevrolet Sonic RS Rally Car. Bay noted the following about the three new models / robot characters on his website: Hound: The always rugged and reliable Hound, one of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles from Oshkosh Defense. Lamborghini Aventador: Unveiling yet another surprise . . . the extraordinary and exhilarating 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupe. Sonic RS Rally Car: The Ultimate Sonic RS, just pure fun. In related news, Bay also weighed in on a fire incident that took place earlier this week on the set of “Transformers 4″ in Pflugerville, Texas, commenting on the media reports: “Shooting of Transformers 4 is going great with Wahlberg and the new cast. We are having a great time in Texas,” he wrote. “I’m reading how the news makes everything more dramatic than real life. I guess the truth was just too unexciting. Yes there was a small smoldering fire at a house and no, no one was injured during the fire. And no, no one “just narrowly escaped” as the news dramatically states. A crew member though twisted his ankle after falling in a gopher hole on the ranch.” “The fire was put out in a brief 15 minutes by a great fire crew on set. It was an attic fire and cause is unknown. No we were not shooting in the attic, we were shooting outside on the ranch,” he added. The new Transformers 4 film is slated for a June 2014 release.