Did These Texas Cops Overreact by Tazing Alleged Hit and Run Driver?

A Texas man who was tazed by cops on May 23, 2013, is now crying foul over police brutality. A copy of the video shot from the camera on the arresting Cleburne motorcycle officer’s uniform was released to the public upon the request of a family member of Donny James Hinshaw, 30. According to the police, Hinshaw was involved in a hit-and-run accident. When the cops pulled him over, the 30-year old man exited his truck, at which point, motorcycle officer Robert Sigler quickly approaches and tells him, “Hands on the truck. You’re under arrest”. Hinshaw asks, “For What?” to which the cop replies again, “Put your hands on the truck. You’re under arrest”. Hinshaw then tells the officer, “You just assaulted me”. Sigler tells him, “get ready to be tased”, and then fires his Taser. After hitting the ground, the driver asked the police officer why he was under arrest, with Sigler answering for a hit-and-run incident. The driver tells the officer that he didn’t hit-and-run anybody, instead the other person hit him, adding that he was heading home to report the accident. Hinshaw told ABC’s WFAA8 news that the police “had no justification for using the Taser on me”. According to the Cleburne Times, the Cleburne Police Department sent a short press release in which it said, “No official allegations have been made by Mr. Hinshaw at this time. The allegations are just that. It would be inappropriate to speculate or comment at this time.” So, what do you think; did the police officers act reasonably and appropriately or did they use excessive force, as the driver claims? Tell us what you think below.