Duck Bus Sinks on Liverpool's Albert Dock, Dozens Rescued

We’re pretty sure that the tourists in the Yellow Duckmarine vessel that was paddling its way through the Albert Dock in Liverpool, UK, on Saturday afternoon, had very different expectations of what a ride in an amphibious vehicle would be like. Instead, the 31 passengers, among which, many children, of the tourist bus ended up in the frozen cold waters of the River Mersey when the vessel sank within minutes of entering a dock – and it was all caught on film. Luckily, the police, ambulance, firefighters, coastguard and the RAF arrived quickly on the scene and were able to swiftly rescue the passengers, including a baby whose mother held her right above the water on the roof of the sinking bus, according to a report from The Scotland Herald. 17 passengers were treated at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, but all were discharged the same day. The tourist craft, which was a former World War 2 landing vehicle, was previously filmed having a hard time to get on dry land.