Forget About Russia, Look What Happens in L.A. When a Woman Hits a Pedestrian

Many viewers tend to over-generalize and bash drivers and people misbehaving on the road when incidents take place in foreign lands, but what happens when they occur in their own back yard? Because this event you’re about to watch in the video that follows is as crazy, if not worse than what we usually see, and it didn’t happen in Russia but the good ‘ol US of A.

Filmed in Los Angeles during what appears to be an illegal street drift meeting dubbed “Crenshaw Takeover” (see the second and third video), it shows a silver sedan hitting a young lady at a low speed at the crosswalk.

The young woman driving the sedan backs up and stops, but before she could do anything (we can’t say if she wanted to leave or stop to check out the woman), she was approached by an angry mob. The situation quickly escalates with two young men jumping on her car and breaking the windshield while other people were banging on her windows.

Evidently, the terrified woman panicked and tried to drive away passing a red light and smashing into a pickup truck in the process. From what we can tell, she drove away abandoning both accident scenes – though, we can’t really blame her for that; would you stay with so many angry people ready to lynch you?

The person who filmed the scene, YouTube author “Jay James”, describes the incident thusly:

“On June 1st 2013 in South Central Los Angeles at the intersection of Imperial and Western, during a car show (CRENSHAW TAKEOVER) a young lady crossing the street gets struck by an oncoming vehicle . Which resulted in the driver’s car windshield to be smashed in by unknown men , leading the driver to speed through pedestrians and also striking another vehicle in order to flee the hostile crowd.”

If any of you happen to know more details about this accident and the condition of the woman who was hit, tell us in the comments or send us an email tip and we’ll update this post.


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