Forza 5 Gets Intelligent Cloud-Based AI Which Learns and Adapts

We are very fortunate to inhabit this planet at this very moment in history, as it really is a very unique time. Sure, there are problems with North Korea, and the economy in some parts of the world may be shaky, but when it comes to progress through technology, in any field, all seems to be going very strong. Like the automotive industry itself, which has grown into a massive octopus composed of intermingling companies and corporations, the gaming industry has also expanded and grown, as have their products – this is very evident at this year’s edition of the E3 games convention which has featured a host of promising titles, of which we’ve featured the ones with cars. It seems that 2013-2014 is a really prolific period for game development. The critically-acclaimed Forza series is no exception, and for its latest installments, the fifth, aside from the smooth models and nice textures fans of the series are used to (which are even sharper and nicer to look at now), the developers will try and focus on lighting, effects and the atmosphere created in-game, not only trying to make things look real, but also feel real. Looking at screenshots and watching the latest trailer, which shows a McLaren P1 in great detail, along with a few other exotics, I think the progress is visible. To my eyes, this looks considerably better than Gran Turismo 5 from Sony. In addition, aside from all of the predictable eye candy, this game will also offer a dynamic and cloud-based AI (artificial intelligence) system, which will learn and adapt depending on each specific player’s style. It apparently practices on its own while you are not playing, and when you power up the console you will be notified of its progress. At this rate, Forza 6 may feature voice recognition – you’ll be able to use foul language and program the AI to respond in a similar fashion while you are racing it. I can’t even begin to imagine what the 10th installment will be like at this rate…By Andrei Nedelea Videos via ING