Hennessey Gives Us Another Video Look at its F-150 Based VelociRaptor SUV

Hennessey is hell-bent to keep the fading American motto “bigger is better” alive with creations like the VelociRaptor, which is a Ford F-150 Raptor super crew-cab pick-up truck dressed up as an 8-seater SUV. We’ve already seen the VelicoRaptor, but Hennessey released a new video of the SUV with the somewhat misleading title “Hennessey VelociRaptor SUV in Action” – and we say misleading as there’s not really much action and when there is, we hear a music background and not the V8’s roar. To recap, the VelociRaptor is about 600 pounds or 272kg heavier than the F-150 Raptor, and while you can stick with the stock 6.2-liter 411bhp V8, Hennessey offers an optional performance package that drops a supercharger into the engine bay boosting output to 600 horsepower. In base trim, the $149,500 and 411hp VelociRaptor completes the 0-60 mph (96km/h) sprint in a respectable 7.5 seconds, while the 600 Supercharged upgrade will drop the time to a sports car-challenging 5.9 seconds. No word on fuel economy, but as one YouTube commentator put it on Hennessey’s channel, “This car uses Smarts as fuel“… “Over the past three years we have built nearly 400 upgraded Raptor trucks for enthusiasts around the world”, said Don Goldman, CEO of Hennessey Performance. “We are now very excited to be able to offer the VelociRaptor SUV to those who like the Raptor but want more seats and space.”