Jaguar Tells the Sad Tale of the Axed C-X75 Supercar

It looks like Jaguar is having a hard time giving up on its C-X75 hypercar. As you probably remember, the company announced late last year it was going to axe the project due to difficult market conditions that would have made a £1 million Jaguar ($1.53 million) hard to justify. Despite the fact that the C-X75’s fate is sealed, Jaguar has just released a new video of the car meant to show us “what might have been” if it were built. The video comes not long after Autocar got a chance to drive the prototype. So, what do we learn from the new footage? That the people who worked on the project are very disappointed. It’s just sad to see the Jaguar people talk with so much enthusiasm about a car they know it is going to remain in the “what if” chapter. It’s even sadder given that the very sophisticated car is fully functional and has achieved all of the targets set when the project began. However, Jaguar says the technology from the C-X75 has the potential to be used on future Jaguar Land Rover products. Of course, that is a not a good enough consolation for the people who worked on the concept. Just listen to the 502hp 1.6-liter high-revving engine as the C-X75 is driven round Silverstone in the video below and you’ll understand why.By Dan Mihalascu