Jay Leno Drives the Cadillac ELR, Says It’s a Different Kind of Fun

While the Cadillac ELR uses the Chevrolet Volt’s front-wheel drive platform and Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) hybrid powertrain, GM hates it when the ELR is compared to the more mundane Volt. More luxurious, more powerful and more beautiful than the Volt (personal opinion here), the Cadillac ELR will also be much more expensive when in launches in 2014, with analysts estimating the ELR’s starting price between $60,000 and $70,000 – roughly double the Volt’s price. Too much for a front-wheel drive plug-in electric hybrid? We’ll leave the market to decide that, but until then, let’s see what the ELR is like to drive, courtesy of Jay Leno’s latest video. Before driving the ELR, Leno welcomed two GM engineers in his garage to explain the car’s design and technology. During the drive, the comedian couldn’t help but bringing the Volt into discussion, as he compared the ELR’s Regen on Demand system with the similar technology fitted on the Volt. He was also impressed by the quietness of the ELR and concluded that it’s a fun car to drive, although he referred to a different kind of fun. More specifically, he was talking about the fun one has when trying to make the car run as efficiently as possible. Doesn’t quite sound like Jay Leno, does it? Scroll down to find out more about the ELR in the video below. By Dan Mihalascu