McLaren 12C Rumored to Receive Power Boost Courtesy of P1 Engine Upgrades

A recent article on Jalopnik is reporting that the McLaren 12C is getting another power increase, to make it even faster than its Italian rival, the Ferrari 458 Italia. Apparently, it will benefit from a number of upgrades operated on the larger P1 hybrid hypercar, which makes 727 hp from what is basically the same engine. The exact horsepower number has not been revealed, but according to the source, around “650 sounds like a good, happy medium.” It currently makes 625 PS (616 hp), which pushes it to a top speed of 333 km/h (207 mph), while the benchmark sprint is dispatched in as little as 3.1 seconds with the optional “Corsa Tires” fitted. Still, with an eleven second quarter mile time, an unusually comfortable ride if we are to believe the reviews, and an ongoing incremental development process, the 12C will continue to be a more-than viable alternative to the Ferrari, especially for those for which engineering perfection sits above passion, a raspy engine note and the lifestyle which is offered by cars such as the 458. With the extra power, the choice is made easier, though… By Andrei Nedelea