Mercedes-Benz Explains What Makes the A45 a Real AMG

Mercedes-Benz‘s AMG division is well aware of the fact that they are somewhat diluting the brand with the A45 AMG. Here they are taking three letters that they have built up into a V8- and V12- powered performance brand over many years and slapping them on the back of a very flashy-looking hatchback. It has to be really good not to be bashed. Now, the manufacturer has released a short video in which it explains the primary qualities of the A45, and what makes it a real AMG. The engine is extremely powerful, the looks are oh so very flamboyant and the performance it offers takes it far beyond the realm of regular hot hatchbacks. They claim it can crack the benchmark sprint in 4.5 seconds -this makes it one of the fastest ever series compact hatchbacks. However, the prohibitive price and styling, which isn’t to everybody’s taste, mean that those who want a hot hatch might still opt for one of the established cars, either from France, Germany or Japan. Check out the video below and see what AMG driving instructor Lance David Arnold has to say about the uber-fast hot hatch.By Andrei Nedelea