Mercedes-Benz Starts Production of New S-Class in Sindelfingen [w/Video]

Following an investment of around €1 billion ($1.33 billion) in the Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen plant, Daimler today started production of the new S-Class sedan. Between 2011 and 2014, around €350 million is being invested in the body shop, around €130 million in the press shop and around €70 million in assembly, amongst others. New technologies are being used in the body shop to join cast aluminum alloys, while for the aluminum lightweight roof, which is going into large-scale series production for the first time, a new manufacturing process has been developed. The roof and steel body will now only be joined once they have been through the paint shop together. Among the innovations in the production logistics is the ‘pick-by-projector’ system, which helps employees to pick parts by signalling to them which storage unit contains the component that is required. Mercedes also says energy consumption per vehicle has been lowered by around 20 percent. The new S-Class generation will have three new models in addition to the short-wheelbase and extended wheelbase variants and the S-Class coupé, all of which will be exclusively made in Sindelfingen. “All of us here at Sindelfingen are enormously proud that the S-Class is made exclusively at our plant. We are able to draw on many years of experience making vehicles in the high-end, luxury class, and we do our best every day for our customers from around the world,” said Dr. Willi Reiss, Head of the Mercedes-Benz plant Sindelfingen. With the S 400 Hybrid, S 500, S 350 BlueTEC and S 300 BlueTEC Hybrid, the new S-Class is available in a choice of two hybrids, a petrol variant and a diesel. The new S-Class has been available for pre-order since the middle of May and is due to hit European showrooms on 20 July 2013.