Monkey Displeased With Speeding Ticket, Bites Officer's Hand

A small monkey sitting behind a driver who had just been pulled over on the road and cited for speeding, showed his discontent with the officer’s decision to write him a ticket by jumping up and biting his finger, just as he was about to hand the driver a pen to sign the slip. The incident took place during what originally appeared to be a routine stop in Aransas Pass, Texas on Wednesday. The officer in question was 21-year-old Keith Moore. The rookie cop, who was wearing a sunglass-mounted camera, was kind of confused after the bite and headed back to his sergeant. In the video, we hear Moore saying, “His monkey attacked me!” The sergeant replies, “What?”, to which Moore says, “He’s got a monkey and it attacked my hand. I’m not even kidding.” “A monkey? like a legitimate monkey?” the sergeant responded in disbelief. “Yeah like a legitimate monkey,” Moore answered. Priceless indeed… “My sergeant thought I had initially got stung with a bee but it wasn’t,” Moore told Kris TV. “I ended up telling him when I was walking back that it was a monkey that came out of nowhere.” As it turned out, the monkey is a professional and works for carnivals and festivals posing for pictures. Moore said that he just gave the man the citation and continued on with his work.