Moron Alert: Nissan GT-R Driver Crashes Right Into a Lexus RX

Yes, it’s head-scratching, Russian dash-cam time again and here we have a foolish and impatient driver, who after this incident, shouldn’t really be allowed behind the wheel of any car, let alone one of the likes of the Nissan GT-R, for a very long time. While all other motorists were patiently waiting for the red light, the person driving the tuned Japanese sports car wanted to play smart guy violating a basic road rule that says stay on your side of the road, especially when there’s a double line. It didn’t take long for the GT-R to crash face first onto an oncoming Lexus RX, which itself was bumped into by an Audi SUV that was following from behind. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear anyone was injured, but that doesn’t mean the GT-R driver shouldn’t be punished appropriately for causing a completely unnecessary accident, which you can watch for yourself in the video below. Shout out to Petrus M. for the video submission!