New Euro Market 2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan Presentation Photos from Turkey and Videos

What do impersonators of Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe sharing the stage with a scantily dressed lady who may or may not be doubling as a star (does she remind you of anyone?), have to do with the world premiere of the new European market 2014 Toyota Corolla in Istanbul, Turkey? To be frank, we’ve no idea how they all fit in or why these people were chosen to be part of the presentation – unless Toyota wanted to make some sort of point about the longevity of the Corolla name, still it’s no star… If you haven’t seen the pictures or read our article on the 2014 Corolla sedan for Europe, let us remind you that it will be built at Toyota’s factory in Turkey and that besides the different powertrains, the Japanese brand also made some minor changes to the design of the front end and the dashboard compared to the North American version of the car that was revealed last week.