New Range Rover Sport Chosen as Pikes Peak Pace Car [w/Video]

After having gone up the Pikes Peak hillclimb in 12:35.61 and been called the fastest production vehicle to have done so, the excessively-promoted Range Rover Sport is getting even more coverage, as it has just been announced as the official pace car, and “will open the legendary course to strong international entry at this Sunday’s 91st running of the racing venue.” Cars are never really chosen for this role because of excellent performance or handling, as they don’t really need any of those things. The vehicle leading the pack needs to be new, presentable and thoroughly backed by the organizers – I mean who would have thought of a Range Rover Sport as being suitable this role, for any race other than an off-road one, where it may have made more sense? Still, its time up the course is genuinely impressive for the kind of vehicle it is, fully exploiting its lighter than even before construction, and all the benefits it brings. Scroll down, and watch the video story of how all this came to be. By Andrei Nedelea