No Watermarks: Mercedes Scoops Its Own Shots of New AMG SLC that will Fight the Porsche 911

Before we tell you about these shots of the new Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG, allow us to start on a different note (feel free to jump to the fourth paragraph if you don’t want to read our rant). We often see automakers having special and sometimes even questionable relationships with certain media by providing them with early information and material. This brings us to these photos of a camouflaged Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG that were posted on certain magazine websites, some of which, like the UK’s Autocar and Car, placed their watermarks on, evidently to make us believe they are spy shots, when in fact, they were handed over to them by none other than Mercedes itself… Well, when there’s a will, there’s a way, right? Our spy photo associates at CarPix may have not scooped the SLC AMG, but they were able to get their hands on the unofficially-official pictures in all their high-resolution glory and pass them on to us so we can share them without any watermarks below – if you’re in the same line of work or hobby as us, use them as you please… What do we know about the SLC AMG? Well besides the name that was confirmed by a Mercedes official last year and that it will compete against the likes of the Porsche 911 and possibly the Jaguar F-Type, not a whole lot. The prototype in these spy shots suggest that the styling will be close to the larger SLS AMG, but it will do without the gullwing-style doors. A roadster model should follow. As for power, there will surely be a V8 turbo, but we could also see one or more engines with less cylinders. The new SLC AMG is expected in 2015. Thanks to Andreas from CarPix for shots!