Poll: Which One Would You Go For, the Porsche Cayman or Alfa Romeo 4C?

We have been blessed in recent years with lots of excellent sports cars, from a variety of manufacturers approaching the problem from their own unique perspective. One carmaker that had been inactive in this particular sporty market sector for a while is Alfa Romeo that has returned it pretty 4C. It promises to be a very enjoyable driving package, with ultra-low weight and punchy turbocharged engine – sure, it won’t please the ear as much as some of the six-cylinder cars, but it is as fast if not quicker than some very unlikely competitors, like Porsche’s reportedly brilliant-to-drive new Cayman. The Italian car will cost somewhere around €60,000 ($78,000) in most European markets, slotting right in between the Cayman and Cayman S, which in Germany start at €51,400 ($68,868) and €64,100 ($85,900) respectively. When it comes to performance (at least on paper and according to their respective makers) the Alfa with its 1.75-liter turbo’d inline-four delivering 236HP (240PS) is quicker than even the 321hp (325PS) Cayman S with the optional Sport Chrono Package and PDK transmission (4.7 seconds), completing the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint in 4.5-seconds. Still, which would you rather have if you had the money lying around and were looking to purchase a new sports car? The newcomer from Italy, or the Cayman that is the darling of video road test reviewers and soccer players who never made it all the way to the top? It’s really close, because both have their own kind of good looks, the performance is there, the history is there for both, and their pricing is also in the same range. By Andrei Nedelea

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