Quick Video Review of the New Citroen C4 Picasso Minivan

Citroen really wanted to shine a big spotlight on itself with the new C4 Picasso, and while their cars have rarely been conservative, the latest model is their most visually striking road car since the now defunct C6 luxury sedan. Whether the design is appreciated or not is not really important, because just like in the case of the C3 Picasso, which is also strangely styled, most buyers will be won over by the interior, which has always been something Citroen has paid special attention to. The new Picasso makes no exception, sporting a very modern and clear dash, designed with a very minimalist approach. So minimalist in fact, that a separate button has to be touched for the climate control information to be displayed on the screen, an aspect which the reviewer from Autoexpress magazine sees as contrasting with the practical nature of the interior. For information about the way it behaves on the road, we’re not completely convinced by this review, because they don’t show any of their own driving footage, using pieces from one of Citroen’s official driving shots videos. Still, it rides on the new EMP2 platform, and is two people lighter than its predecessor, so it can’t be any worse than the old model which, along with the C3 Picasso had a very wobbly ride.By Andrei Nedelea