Report: Citroen C3 Won’t Get a Direct Successor

The Citroen C3 supermini may not be replaced by an equivalent model when it arrives at the end of its production cycle. According to a report from French business newspaper Les Echos, in 2014, PSA Peugeot-Citroen is preparing to launch a new city car that will preview the French group’s new marketing strategy orientated around three words: simple, human, smart. Under this new strategy, Peugeot will position its lineup slightly upmarket, with Citroen to produce lower-cost models. This doesn’t mean Citroen will compete against Renault’s budget brand Dacia, but its models will reportedly be simpler and more affordable than Peugeot’s. The C3 will be replaced by a back-to-basics model, which is currently known internally as the E3. Set to be unveiled in September at the Frankfurt auto show, the E3 will be inspired by the 2007 C-Cactus concept car (pictured here), and will be marketed as the spiritual successor to the legendary 2CV. The report also says the Citroen C3 will continue to be made for at least three years before being axed. Launched in 2001, the C3 supermini moved ahead with a second generation model in 2009 and received a mild facelift at this year’s Geneva motor show. By Dan Mihalascu