Smart Makes Fun of the ForTwo’s Off-Road Capabilities in Brilliant Commercial

The Smart ForTwo is a minicar that needs no presentation. It is a car only for the city, as any trip outside the urban environment shows obvious limitations: it has no space for luggage, only offers seating for two, it’s unstable at high speeds and I’m pretty sure Smart ForTwo owners could easily fill in more blanks. The funny thing is Smart knows this and does not try to hide it. On the contrary, it makes fun of the ForTwo’s one-sidedness in one hilarious commercial that recently won two Gold Lions at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The ad from BBDO Germany shows the ForTwo tackling an off-road course, with the result being very predictable – the car gets stuck, a lot. Then comes the brilliant tagline: “As good off road as an off-roader in the city.” The ad continues with a massive Chevy Tahoe that contemplates a tiny parking space in the city and has to move on, while the ForTwo is able to park in the same spot by doing only one maneuver. You can watch the commercial below, plus another funny one showing the downs of using public transport instead of driving a ForTwo.By Dan Mihalascu