Trans Am Depot Releases Video Teaser for 2014 Pontiac GTO Model

If you’re a fan of the look and style of the 1969 Pontiac GTO, yet you want a modern car based on something fresh and fun, like the current Chevy Camaro, then Trans Am Depot’s 2014 GTO model is definitely worth a look. Now, the company released a video teaser showing it off, though no technical details have been released yet, keeping us all in the dark. It will probably get forced induction for the Camaro’s V8, as they are clearly aiming for lots of power with this one, hence the dyno scene at the end of the video. The look of the vehicle is typical for Trans Am Depot, and while the Judge badging is a bit tacky, we’ll let it slide simply because so much work has gone into its creation. For me, though, it would have to be the classic GTO, the Coupe model built in 1967. Sure it doesn’t have the amenities of the new Camaro-based model, but you simply can’t beat an original – this applies to more than just cars, as we know. By Andrei Nedelea Story References: TransAM Depot via