Watch Germans Blow Up Old Sinntal Bridge Located Next to a New Bridge on the Autobahn

There’s nothing new or particularly special about demolishing a bridge nowadays, unless, that is, it is located next to a structure you want to protect…like, oh, let’s say, an adjacent bridge, which you will agree, ups the challenge multiple times. In Germany, engineers were faced with such a problem when time came to put an end to the 46-year-old Sinntal Bridge on a section of the Autoban in Lower Franconia between Würzburg and Fulda, as it was built right next to the new one. About 8,000 spectators came to watch the detonation of the 700-meter long (close to half a mile) bridge, which fortunately for all, went as planned falling on the outer side and leaving the new bridge intact. According to authorities, the new bridge was open to traffic about an hour after the explosion