Watch How the Alfa Romeo 4C is Born and Built at Maserati’s Modena Plant

Following yesterday’s details about the manufacturing process of the Alfa Romeo 4C sportscar, the Italian brand released a video that shows how the vehicle is actually built, and it’s a pretty interesting process to watch. Starting with the construction of the carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the video shows all the complicated and time-consuming production steps where manual labor takes the center role. Alfa Romeo says the minimum “takt time” (the manufacturing speed needed to guarantee delivery) is 20 minutes. For comparison, the shortest “takt time” in mass production plants is approximately 50 seconds. Human resources play a fundamental role in the plant, with 60 percent of workers holding either a high-school diploma or a university degree and having on average more than 5 years of work experience on Maserati models. The focus on quality is also demonstrated by the measuring room, where the car’s “body in white” undergoes a quality assurance check. Every day several sample bodies are subjected to high precision measurements, with the team checking up over 400 measurement points in order to ensure that the body is perfect from a geometric and dimensional standpoint. Scroll down to see how the Alfa Romeo 4C is born in the video below.By Dan Mihalascu