What a Tool! Infiniti FX Driver Hits and Runs Away on Russian Highway

Things really have a tendency to get out of hand in Russia, and a highway crash turns into a felony as an Infiniti FX driver rams a Mitsubishi Colt from behind, launching it into the inner guard rail, causing it to crash quite severely. However, the luxurious Japanese SUV is not seriously damaged, and it speeds away from the scene, disappearing in the distance. Meanwhile, the Colt lay smashed to bits, and traffic grounded to a halt all around. The video stops, leaving us with no information regarding what happened next, though by using this footage to identify the vehicle through the number plate, the driver should be in for questioning by now – or so we hope. The driver’s behavior prior to the crash is quite strange too, as he (or she) tries to sneak in between the slower Colt and the right-hand guardrail, through a gap that was clearly not wide enough to begin with. This suggests either intent to cause the crash in the first place, which only adds to the severity of the act, or drunk driving. Some jail time could be thrown in for the deed, though we honestly don’t know the inner workings of the Russian penal system.By Andrei Nedelea