Biker Rear Ends Camaro at 68MPH, Lands on Roof and Lives to Tell the Tale!

Watching this video for the first time, I couldn’t help myself from chuckling a bit and saying, ‘dang, that’s one lucky son of a gun‘, but that’s only because I had previously read the biker’s video description and knew that, despite the severity of the crash, he made it out alive with only a few bumps and bruises. You can read the description of the incident from YouTube author and the protagonist of the crash, JeanClaude14602, himself just after the break, but here’s the short version for those of you in a hurry. JeanClaude14602 was cruising on a two way road going a little over 70mph (113km/h) when he failed to notice that a fourth generation Chevrolet Camaro was slowing down to turn and well, he ended up rear-ending the coupe and landing on its roof! Amazingly, he held on to the top until the car stopped, and what’s even more surprising – given the speed he crashed, is that he did not break a single bone! Hopefully, lesson learned… [From JeanClaude14602] “It was a nice day and I had to drive 3 hours south for work the next day and on the way I decided to stop in cedar key fl on the gulf coast for some lunch. Just crusin barely above the limit a Camaro slowed down without breaking so I didn’t notice any break lights to catch my attention and on top of that I wasn’t being aware of my surroundings and was looking to the right a little. At that perfect moment I realized how close the car got and it was too late.” “As I hit the brakes, I looked for an escape, there was no way I was gonna make it all the way to the left and go around so I looked off road to the right and saw a parked truck and telephone pole and that seemed like a bad idea so i just kept on the brakes and tried to get as far right as I could and take my chances trying to skim by the side. As you see that didn’t go well.” “I went to the hospital and got some x’rays and nothing was broken! I was limping for about a week and a half and other than that, I was completely fine. I’m very lucky I didn’t break a bone let alone that I survived rear ending a car at 68mph. I think my rucksack protected my back a’lot and cushioned the rear window from breaking and obviously I had a helmet too. Oh ya, if your wodering. Yes my bike is destroyed and I think ill buy a car next.”