Bluebird Goes from Land Speed Records to Producing a New Electric Sports Car

Even if you are remotely interested in motorsports, you will no doubt have heard the name Bluebird and the land and water speed records associated with it and which span several decades. While the company continues to build speed racers, Don Wales, grandson of founder Sir Malcolm Campbell and nephew of Donald Campbell, is now venturing into new territory with the announcement of the presentation of a limited production electric sports car and a new electric racecar. Set to be revealed in the flesh at England’s Sustainable MotoExpo on September 28, the Bluebird DC50 electric sports car will be produced in 50 units to commemorate the 50th anniversary in 2014 of Donald Campbell’s land and water speed records. It comes with an electric drivetrain that promises to deliver up to 360bhp and “acceleration to match a Porsche“. The two-door model will feature electrically operated ‘scissor’ doors, will offer a driving range of up to 200 miles (320km), depending on specifications, and will be available exclusively in a Bluebird hue. The other model to be launched simultaneously at the UK event in Beaulieu will be the Bluebird GTL electric racecar, which the company says was designed to latest technical regulations for the forthcoming FIA Formula E series that kicks off in 2014. Further details are to be announced in September.