Fast & Furious Asks, Where Should They Film No7?

Yes, there’s no end to the Fast and Furious franchise and how could there be when the sixth installment, known by fans simply as FF6, overtook Fast Five to become the highest-grossing film in the series turning in a worldwide gross of $704.2 million (€534.8 million)? So, another sequel is in the making and is scheduled to begin filming next month with the plot continuing from where FF6 left (see our reviews here and here) as after Dominic Torreto (played by Vin Diesel) and his crew helped take down Owen Shaw (Luke Evens), his brother Ian Shaw (Jason Statham) seeks revenge. At the end of Justin Lin’s FF6, we even catch a glimpse of Statham. The as of yet unnamed (we promise not to raise a single eyebrow if they choose Fast & Furious 7) sequel hits theaters on July 11, 2014. While one would assume that, the movie’s new director, 36-year old Malaysian-Australian film producer James Wan (Saw, Dead Silence, Death Sentence and Insidious), must have already chosen if not all, most locations, the people behind the franchise asked fans on their official FaceBook page, “Where do you want to see it go next?” You can give your answers in our comments section below the break.