ForSixteen: 16 Kiwi Girls Squeeze in a Smart ForTwo, Set New Guinness World Record

For some reason, one of the most popular record attempts around the world is trying to fit as many people as possible inside a car – preferably a small one. And since the Smart ForTwo is as small as it gets, it is a popular choice for this type of Guinness World Record category, called “Most People Crammed in a Smart Car”. Now, I’m sure you won’t immediately believe 16 adults can fit in a Smart ForTwo, but that’s exactly why this latest record attempt was videotaped. The new Guinness World Record was set by the Candy Lane Dancers, a group of female dancers from New Zealand, who have broken the previous record of 15 people in a Smart ForTwo, set last year in Vienna, Austria. Although the video doesn’t show it, it must have taken a lot of planning and practicing for the dancers to be able to use every cubic centimeter of space available in the Smart ForTwo. So, without further ado, scroll down to watch 16 girls turn the ForTwo into the ForSixteen. By Dan Mihalascu