GM Pledges to Have Twice as Many Models with 40+MPG Highway by 2017

While many of the automakers that are currently operating in the US opposed the strict CAFÉ regulations that force them to achieve an average efficiency rating for their entire range of vehicles of 54.5 mpg US (4.3 l/100km / 65.4 mpg UK) by 2025, GM is apparently embracing the idea of going green. They were the first to sign the “Climate Declaration pledge” which states that “preventing climate change is good business.” Now, a new announcement comes to back up their newfound like of trees (or so to speak), as they are promising to have twice as many models that can do over 40 mpg US (5.9 l/100km / 48 mpg UK) on the highway in their range by 2017. Furthermore, the plan is to cut the emissions produced by their vehicles 15 percent, and achieve this until the self-imposed 2016 deadline. Installation of solar panels has also helped the American giant cut its world-wide energy usage by 7 percent since 2010, and through the use of 105 facilities it has at its disposal, “GM recycles or reuses about 90% of the waste at its manufacturing facilities,” according to The Detroit Free Press. Still, there is a possibility that GM may discover along the way that it may not be so profitable to go all-green, and simply scrap the idea along with so many other moderately-successful business concepts they have tried in the past. And since the strict CAFÉ regulations themselves are surprisingly flexible, they could follow the model and add a few more years to the deadlines. By Andrei Nedelea
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