Holy Scary Car Crash: Daewoo Comes Flying Into Windshield

Can you imagine taking a relaxed drive on a city road with your family, minding your own business, and all of a sudden, seeing a car flying in from the other way – must be terrifying, right? It certainly is and it happened to YouTube author Sky Kang from Taiwan last Sunday when a 71-year old driver fell asleep on the wheel of his Formosa Matiz (sold in other parts of the world under many different nameplates including Daewoo, Pontiac, Chevrolet and even FSO). The Matiz driver entered the opposite lane, the one which Kang and his family were driving on, and hit a tree that sent the small hatch flying into their windshield. Fortunately, Kang and his family, who were all wearing their seatbelts (something he pointed out), did not sustain any serious injuries, just some minor scratches and abrasions, while the driver of the Matiz also made it out alive. Here’s Kang’s description of the incident, translated via Google: “North into the bridge down is the reverse, first hit the road safety, then fly hit over!” “Car accident who is 71 years old man, he said he drove to sleep…Thank God willing, our family is finally nothing serious, physical pain is inevitable, more distressed that Children who suffered child frightened (fear of a psychological trauma), these need time to recover. I usually have to teach children, the car must be wearing a seat belt habits, be there to minimize the damage. However, the accident vehicle suddenly fly out, really a chance to react.”