Infiniti Hands First FX Vettel Edition to Sebastian Vettel

Being that Sebastian Vettel helped create and even gave his name to the fastest production version of the Infiniti FX, it’s only natural that the triple Formula One World Champion gets the very first example of the limited production FX Vettel Edition SUV. Infiniti delivered the FX Vettel Edition number 001 (of just 150 made) straight to his home in Switzerland on the eve of Vettel’s 26th birthday. “I’m proud to now own the Infiniti that I helped design,” said Vettel, who was recently appointed as the Japanese brand’s Director of Performance. “It has great performance, responsive handling and fits my daily life perfectly. The FX Vettel Edition is great fun to drive and I like that it is totally unique, I am sure many other Infiniti owners will feel the same way.” On sale across Western Europe, the Middle East and Russia, the FX Vettel Edition is the most powerful model in the Infiniti line-up with a tweaked V8 delivering 420-horses. It also comes with a host of aerodynamic enhancements inspired by F1 racecars, 21-inch wheels, a lowered chassis with a sports suspension, while it is also 46kg (101 pounds) lighter than the standard FX50S Premium dropping the curb weight to 2,049kg (4,517 lbs). According to Infiniti, the FX50 Vettel version needs 5.6 seconds to reach 100km/h (62mph) from standstill (0.2 seconds faster than the standard car), and can reach a top speed of 300km/h (187mph).
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