Italdesign Exec Walks Us Around the Parcour Concept and Drives it On- and Off-Road

The Italdesign Parcour was in my book, one of the more striking to look at concepts of the 2013 Geneva motor show, where it also debuted. Featuring a mid-mounted Lamborghini V10 out of the Gallardo, it offers supercar styling, but with a higher than normal ground clearance and all-wheel drive. Now, if you thought it was merely a show car, which needed to be wheeled into and out of the back of trucks between shows, think again. The Italian design house’s first promo for the vehicle had us thinking, as it showed the Parcour tackling a variety of road conditions and surfaces, and now this video by Car&Driver does genuinely confirm that it is much closer to a production vehicle than we originally believed. In it, we see the Italdesign’s vice chairman, Fabrizio Giugiaro, walking us around the exterior of the car, explaining the various design and functional touches they put on it, as well as some of the engineering that allows it to work well both on- and off-road. The interior is minimalistic and the seats are fixed, however, the pedals, steering wheel and seat back can be electrically-adjusted, and the driving position seems spot on (if you are Fabrizio Giugiaro’s size, that is). Its only downfall is the lack of power-brakes, which have to be stepped on more firmly for them to be effective, but aside from that, it seems to be a thoroughly drivable vehicle. Now that you’ve read all of this, do scroll down and watch the video.By Andrei Nedelea