Londoner Throws an Egg on Woman Driving a Ferrari 458 Spider

It’s only natural that if you are a young, good looking person of either sex, you are going to attract the envious gazes of less financially fortunate bystanders, when you’re cruising around in a convertible mid-engined Ferrari, painted bright yellow (Giallo Modena), with matching brake calipers, of course. However, most will simply limit the state of anger at their own inability to make that kind of money, and deal with the insecurity in an introverted fashion, not letting it show in public. We suspect that if you live on one of London’s numerous streets that are packed with supercars, regardless if they are stuck in traffic or parked, and your temperament is not of the calm and laid-back type, the chance of snapping is quite high. I think it could even turn violent, if the ‘perfect storm’ conditions are met, but thankfully, that’s rarely the case. Some people, though, seem to be letting off steam by hurling eggs from their balcony… This is what happened to a woman driving a Ferrari 458 (the one from the first paragraph) on Sloan Street, in London. Upon stopping, and waiting for the traffic to move, a thin-shelled chicken-sourced projectile landed next to her in the car (it did not appear to hit the woman directly). Sadly, acts such as this do no real good for anybody. Besides, by having thrown that egg, the person who did so does not realize that he or she is actually making life harder for somebody even lower down the social ladder, who works at a car wash and will be forced to get dried egg (and the associated smell) out of the car.By Andrei Nedelea