MT Says New Porsche Cayman S is a Sports Car ‘In the Classic Sense’

The Porsche Cayman S is no longer a car for those who could not afford a 911, as you can specify it to match and even surpass its bigger brother in terms of pricing. I mean, the example MotorTrend magazine tested costs a whopping $101,200, apparently because it had a few options each worth “seven grand.” Still, it is explained that can enjoy this car, even if all you specify is the PDK gearbox and the sports exhaust system. Starting at $64,750, it definitely makes a lot more sense, especially since you’ll never get the money you paid for options back when it comes time to sell it on (if you don’t decide to pass it on to your grand-kids, which would be understandable, since everybody seems to like this car a lot). It is argued that with 325-horsepower, and its engine mounted in the middle, it is not “overburdened” with excessive amounts of power and therefore is more of an old-style sports car (a bit along the lines of the Toyota GT-86). In addition, like the Japanese car, some criticize it for the lack of low-down torque, despite having a claimed figure of 272 lb-ft (370 Nm) and a relatively low overall weight. If you don’t have the cash to afford this one now, you can look for a second hand model within a few years’ time – if it’s built like Porsches should be, then you won’t really notice it having had a former owner, and you can always get one of those ‘new car smell’ air fresheners to complete the experience.By Andrei Nedelea