Nissan GT-R Alpha Omega with 1,700+WHP Runs 1/4 Mile in Under 8 Seconds! [w/Video]

If you ever want to make a quick getaway, then this should be the ride for you: the Alpha Performance Nissan GT-R Omega, billed as the world’s “fastest and quickest” R35 after running a quarter mile in just 7.894 seconds at 186.14mph (299.49 km/h) – now that’s impressive. Alpha Performance stated: “This came just two days after Omega reclaimed the ET and trap speed records (8.25 @ 185mph) and was accomplished on the first and only pass Omega made that day. The team arrived at the track, unloaded the trailer, prepped the car and made a pass – Ivan Launched the car hard, it had a bit of wheelspin and drifted towards the centerline, Ivan powered through it and got it under control crossing the beams at 7.984 @ 186.14mph, besting our Thursday night record setting run” Unsurprisingly, the Alpha Omega GT-R comes with a boatload of upgrades centered around a very heavily tuned 4.0-liter turbocharged engine (the stock 2014 R35 has a 545hp 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6) that delivers between 1700and 1800whp (that’s wheel horsepower meaning it churns out more on the crankshaft). The tuners at Alpha Performance said that the record breaking Omega GT-R is a “full street trim car” fitted with certain drag race parts. “OMEGA is a full street trim car,” the tuner explained. “The parachute has a disconnect to detach it completely from the car. We have 18″ drag radials that bolt right on and a passenger seat that bolts right in. In just about an hour it can go from full drag trim to full street trim.” Alpha Performance said it will be releasing a better video from the 7.984 second run (first clip below) in the coming days.
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