Porsche Gets All Excited About the New Panamera S E-Hybrid

Only a very limited number of alternatively powered cars even come remotely close conjuring up an emotional response from their driver, as they are usually compromised in some annoying way that spoils the entire experience. Porsche claims they have an entrant in the exclusive (and not very numerous) emotionally-stirring green vehicles club, with their Panamera SE-Hybrid, a parallel plug-in hybrid variant of their sports sedan (or liftback, if you prefer), employing the use of both a 316hp V6 petrol engine and a 94hp electric motor. Now, aside from all of the clear benefits the system exhibits in the standard lab testing procedures used to calculate the claimed figures, which in this case are quite impressive, at 3.1 l/100km (75.8 mpg US) fuel economy when using both petrol and electric motors, Porsche says that the performance boost brought about by the extra electric power also makes a difference in the level of driver involvement. It is honestly strange to watch an official Porsche video, the one linked after the jump, in German, and hear the man talk about hybrids, a 36 km all-electric range, emotions and performance all in the same phrase. Check it out for yourself below!By Andrei Nedelea