Porsche’s Design Boss Talks About the Cayman's Origins

The Porsche Cayman is one of the most praised mid-engined sports cars on sale today. It is a very well balanced car due to its layout, offering precise handling and performance to match the Porsche name. All these attributes translate into good sales, but would the Cayman have had the same success were it not for its design? While we’ll never find the answer to this question, it’s interesting to see how designers arrived at the current shape of the Cayman. The second-generation Cayman is an evolution of its predecessor in terms of looks, but according to Tony Hatter, Porsche’s design manager for sports cars, the main difference resides in the proportions of the new car, which have been radically changed without affecting the Cayman identity. For instance, did you know the shape of the new Cayman pays tribute to the Porsche 904, especially at the rear? Well, neither did we, but that’s why Porsche released the following video, right?