Scoop: Lexus Prepares New IS F Coupe to Take on BMW M4 [20 Photos]

There’s no question that the prototype pictured in these fresh spy shots is the all-new Lexus IS-based Coupe, but how can one be sure that it’s the on-and-off (up until now, that is), F-badged high-performance version and not the simpler F-Sport variant? Glad you asked, because the answer is right in front of our eyes. Despite the liberal use of camouflage wrap on the body, if not all, most telltale signs that this is indeed the IS-F Coupe are here starting with the stacked twin tailpipes on either side of the diffuser along with what looks to be a retractable spoiler. Do want more evidence? No problem. Let’s go around to the front where we find a slotted bonnet along with a caged “spindle” grille and huge corner air intakes. Finally, we take a look at the car’s profile and the blistered front and rear wheel arches, the vented front fenders, sculptured side skirts and low profile tires through which we can see the massive brake calipers and discs. What we cannot see from these spy shots of the very first IS F Coupe in the history of the series is what kind of performance lump is hiding under the hood – at least for the time being. Lexus officials have hinted in the past that the previous IS F’s 416hp 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 wouldn’t be used in future models because it doesn’t meet Euro 6 emissions standards. That said, we can only speculate about what Lexus is preparing – it could be a newer V8, a force-fed V6 or perhaps even a combination of one of the previously mentioned lumps with an electric motor, which would make sense for a company priding itself on planet-friendly hybrid technology. Whatever Lexus chooses, it will deliver somewhere around 450-horses to compete against the BMW M4, linked to an automatic or dual-clutch transmission driving the rear wheels. We also don’t know for sure if Lexus will name the two-door model the IS Coupe or if it will use another moniker (even though it is based on the IS sedan) following the example of one of its chief competitors, BMW and its 4-Series. For the record, the concept that previewed the IS-based Coupe was named LF CC. Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoopS