Spied: Is Kia Readying a Makeover for 2015 Optima or Is This The EU-Spec Update?

Our spy photographers emailed us these pictures of a camouflaged Kia Optima sedan with and without plastic black wraps on the front and rear ends, with the note that it’s the upcoming facelift model. While this holds true, were not entirely sure yet if it’s a global redesign or the European-specification version of the lightly updated 2014 model displayed at the New York Auto Show in March (see our comprehensive report here). Like the North American 2014 Optima, the test car looks like it sports the same revised front bumper with the new fog lights and the repositioning of the LED daytime running lights on the headlamps. The latter, however, look slightly different from the American version as instead of the rectangular shaped inner light, this prototype has a round fixture. It also looks like it has the same or similar refreshed tail lamps with the newer graphics and subtly revised boot lid and rear bumper. So, unless our eyes are playing games with us or we’re missing something, the only difference between this prototype and the American model are the headlamp fixtures, which leads us to conclude that this is either the European market version or an early development prototype for a deeper and more substantial redesign. Only time, a Kia insider or our spies will tell which one it is. Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoopS