Spied: What Brand and Model is This Mystery Hatch?

Yes, it’s our “mystery” scoop of the month and this time, our spies have forwarded us these images of an unidentified hatchback prototype slathered from top to bottom in a white camouflage wrap with wiggly black graphics. They told us that they’re not sure what it is, though, they’re leaning towards an unknown Ford model. Here’s what our man with the long lens told us: “We believe it’s a Ford and it was driving together with a current Fiesta with German plates from Cologne (K- ) which indicates the European base test center. And the size is about the same as the current Fiesta, just slightly smaller.” One of the keys to finding the answer to these kinds of questions is gathering as much information as possible. For example, while the test car did have German plates, the surroundings, the cars and a sign on a balcony, point towards the pictures being taken in Spain, which is one of the European countries where Ford conducts tests for future vehicles. Some other details one should pay attention to are the headlamps, taillights, profile lines and even the shape and trims of the bumpers, as the styling usually adheres to a certain brand’s design language. You can take a closer look at the pictures below and then head towards the comments to tell us what car is hiding behind the mask. In case you missed some of our previous mystery spy shots, feel free to check these links: The parking lot quiz, What is this sedan?, Unidentified in California and Chequered secret. Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoopS