Subaru's Reheated Frankfurt Motor Show Offerings Include Viziv and WRX Concepts

Unless Subaru is preparing a special surprise for us that it doesn’t want to share yet (it has happened before with many carmakers), its 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show booth will be a repeat of what we’ve seen before, and by that, we mean, aside from the usual production cars, the Japanese company will display the Viziv and WRX Concepts.

The more impressive of the two is the WRX Concept for an extreme four-door coupe-style performance saloon, which was originally shown in New York this past April, where it received a lot of praise from visitors and the press alike. Perhaps Subaru will enlighten us on what it meant when it said it will be fitted with a “new turbocharged engine” during its presentation in Europe.

The other study is the Viziv, shown for the first time at the Geneva Salon in March this year. Subaru has said that the Viziv is “a future-generation crossover concept that represents the new design direction and technologies that will take the Subaru brand into the future”. No need to explain the design part, but as far as the technological aspect is concerned, the Viziv introduces a new hybrid powertrain combining a 2.0-liter horizontally-opposed turbo diesel engine with twin rear-mounted electric motors.

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