Taiwanese Ying and Yang: One Helluva Lucky Rider and One Much Less Fortunate

Here are two unrelated scooter incidents that both took place in Taiwan, with the first rider being one of the luckiest road users we’ve seen this week (yes, it’s hard to take first place overall these days with so many dash-cams filming 24/7 all over the world…). Said incident was captured on the dashboard camera of a large truck driving on a scenic but narrow road in the Pinglin District, when the scooter rider took a foolishly wide turn and slipped. At first, we thought he was a goner as the truck clearly ran over the motorcycle, but towards the end of the video we see the young man walking in front of the camera with the driver. The second video depicts a Taiwanese scooter rider squabbling with the wrong pedestrian in a road rage incident that quickly gets violent.