Toyota Takes Us for a History Ride in New Corolla Music Clip

Regardless if we like or find any generation interesting, if we had to pick one nameplate that has defined Toyota more than any other car in its range today, it would most certainly be the Corolla. Ask us the same question in 20 years, and yes, it could be the Prius, but as successful and innovative as Toyota’s hybrid may be, it has a long way to go to reach the success and status of the Corolla. Aside from being a staple of the Toyota brand, it’s also the world’s best-selling car (it surpassed the original VW Beetle in 1997) with more than 40 million deliveries since the launch of the first generation 47 years ago in 1966. Now in its 11th generation, with the North American and European iterations introduced just last month, the Corolla is currently manufactured in 16 locations and sold in more than 150 countries around the world. It is this history that Toyota Turkey, which is the producer of the European model, is trying to tell in a new short video that was released today and which you can watch right after the break.