Watch the Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour Concept Crash at Goodwood

The 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed didn’t end well for all the cars that competed in the event’s hill-climb course. Two crashes happened on Friday in the same corner of the course, one involving the Giugiaro Parcour Concept and the other a Porsche 962C historic endurance racer. Italdesign’s fully-working Giugiaro Parcour study made its debut earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show where it enjoyed an enthusiastic reception. The car combines supercar styling with a high road clearance more appropriate to SUVs. However, this odd combination seems to work beautifully in the case of the Parcour concept. The first video below shows how the driver of the Parcour loses grip in the Molecombe corner, the rear end slides and the car hits the hay bales with the rear left quarter. Although the damage is not big, I can’t help but wonder how does the poor driver feel after having damaged such an expensive prototype. Italdesign played down the incident on its Facebook page, saying that the minor dents in the bodywork will be easily repaired and the car will soon be back on the streets. Anyway, the same corner proved to be a handful later on for another driver, who couldn’t steer the Porsche 962C away and stopped in the hay bales as well. However, the racecar emerged with less damage than the Parcour. Scroll down to watch both crashes and notice the crowd’s strangely enthusiastic reaction to the Parcour crash. By Dan Mihalascu