What Would You Call a Cross Between a Honda City and a Chevrolet Camaro?

Adding to the many bizarre replicas found in the jungle that is the online web is this picture of a car, the front end of which apes that of the fifth generation Camaro with a big “H” badge for Honda, instead of a golden Chevrolet-bow-tie emblem. Discovered in the Philippines by a one J-Sam Capili who shared the image with the local edition of Top Gear, the mini Camaro wannabe is said to be based on the Asian market Honda City. Too bad we don’t have any more photos or details about the clone, as it would have been interesting to see what the rest of the car looks like. If you know more about it, go ahead and tell / show us in the comments, where you can also baptize it…with an appropriate name. Photo via J-Sam Capili / TG Philippines