Wife Throws a Crazy Tantrum in Truck After Husband Won't Take Her to the Lake

If this video is genuine and not made up, we could have one of the worst ever passengers to travel with in your ride – a 30 year old wife with the tantrum of a spoiled five-year old… The phone camera clip starts with the young woman (we assume the hissy fit began earlier in order for the man named James to film it) yelling: “You know, I do all my shit to have a Saturday to hang out with my husband and yet all your shit is all we do,” to which her remarkably calm husband replies, “All I want to do is get my tires rotated.” The woman, identified as Whitney in the video, continues: “All I want is to go to the lake. Why can’t we go on the lake? I mean there’s no reason not to be on the lake right now.” “How can we afford it?” says the husband. “Afford it? James that’s like petty money compared to what I make!” Whitney replies. From there on, the situation escalates with the wife hissing and kicking like a cat in a bag …

  • Sunrise Twilight

    Really? She was sober? Wow. I could have sworn she was drunk. Always great to have an insiders viewpoint. I thought she was drunk because drunk people usually freak out when they run out of cigarettes & will react to situations in a far more emotional manner than they would if they were sober. Also, she referenced having an interlock device installed on her car. When they were talking about her car not having had the oil changed in quite some time, he said “and why is that..? And she said “because of the interlock-thing..” So obviously she has had a DUI & has a court-ordered ignition-interlock device installed on her vehicle. She probably has to blow in it before her car starts & every 20 minutes thereafter to keep her car running. This makes repair work difficult, but is a consequence of a DUI.