BMW Files Patents for New M4 Coupe

The word “conceptoften loses its meaning when it comes to the auto industry these days, as many carmakers choose to use the label on upcoming models with few, if any noteworthy changes, over their production counterparts, none more so than BMW… Earlier this month, the Bavarian carmaker with the blue and white propeller logo presented the Concept M4 Coupe at California’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance as a precursor to the production M4 Coupe. Well, they could have fooled us because with the possible, but not certain, exception of some carbon fiber elements on the aprons and rear diffuser, it looks exactly like how we expect the production M4 to look like when it arrives in showrooms next year. Which brings us to these drawings that BMW filed with the European patent office this month. Putting aside the absence of alloy wheels, we can’t see any other difference with the concept, and given what we said before, possibly with the production car as well.