Can You Help Us Identify This Allegedly New Concept Car?

Our mystery car segment has a new participant in the form of this purportedly fresh creation of which we first heard about from Carscoops reader Jacob J. who told us the following: “This picture has been popping up on car forums during the last 24 hours. It’s obviously shopped but then Wallpaper* tweeted this: ‘A surprising makeover from this car brand. We got an early glimpse of their latest offering. What do you think?’ It appears that it’s some sort of concept from a known manufacturer but I can’t figure out what it is”. If you ask us, it looks like a study with Audi-BMW-Jaguar styling references topped by a Russian or a Chinese-flavored front grille… We can’t say with certainty yet if it depicts a new product, or if it’s from an independent designer, a studio or a carmaker, but feel free to speculate or point us towards the right direction in the comments below. Thanks to Jacob for the heads up! Update (Aug. 26, 2013): It’s a new Volvo Coupe Concept, see the first screenshots and teaser video here